Article 3 – Getting your Home Ready for a Sale

Re-model, Repair, Renew – Presentation is making sure everything is on perfect, working order before listing your home for sale.

Remember, 83% of byers will pay a premium price for homes that require no work. Extra work means spending extra money to your buyers.Having everything is tip-top condition will make a house seem well maintained and loved. Fixing your home before you sell is one of the smartest financial decisions you will make.

It is a great idea to do a complete maintenance check before listing. Avoid buyer’s “negative check list”.  This is the list of defects and repairs they will have to rectify in order to make the property “perfect” for them to live in. Buyers notice many things, small blemishes, dents and scarps on walls, leaking taps etc. Typically it is the minor, inexpensive repairs that make the big difference.

Also when a buyer identifies a problem, they will immediately wonder what else is wrong. A long “negative check list” will most likely result in lower priced offers… and we are talking thousands of dollars for inexpensive repairs that usually only cost you hundreds of dollars.

Talking about doing the necessary minor repairs as this will usually give a much better return on investment.

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Author: Dianne Ray

I have almost thirty years in business management in the hospitality, tourism, hospitality, real estate and service industries and in education as a teacher in secondary schools and TAFE Colleges. I was born in the Western District in Victoria, my schooling was in Hamilton and Melbourne and my Tertiary Education was at Melbourne and Monash Universities. My family consists of 4 sons, 3 daughter in laws and 5 grandchildren. Over the last 9 years I made my home in Noosa, Queensland and since February 2011 have moved to Brighton, a suburb of Brisbane and contract to 2nd Avenue Realty as a licensed real estate agent. Selling residential property in the the Sandgate, Shorncliffe, Brighton, Deagon, Bracken Ridge and other areas. I also sell and market boutique accommodation properties, such as Bed & Breakfasts,Self contained Cottages around Australia on Over my life time I have travelled extensively throughout Australia and numerous times overseas. My interests are obviously travel, all aspects of sport especially golf, outdoor pursuits, fine dining, appreciation of wine and love meeting people. I gained my Bachelor of Education and taught secondary and TAFE students for a number of years and studied for my Masters in Business Administration. I have been self employed for the last 20 years comprising owning and operating an exclusive 4.5 star B&B; established an e-commerce business involving the hospitality and accommodation industry; in selling, marketing, training workshops, relief service and management. I changed my career path ten years ago and concentrated on real estate and business broking. I am a licensed real estate agent in Queensland. My involvement in real estate has been very satisfying and I enjoy the interaction with the buyers and sellers. In my role as a real estate agent, I am able to effectively fulfil the needs of clients and this is my passion, and to use my skills to obtain a win/win situation for everyone involved. I believe in the old traditional values of respect, integrity and genuineness and I am very passionate about helping people with their needs and I focus on listening to and genuinely helping my clients. I am a very honest, natural outgoing person who enjoys life to the fullest “My mission is to live with integrity and compassion and to make a positive difference in the lives of others”